Tall Tree (but not the tallest)

Second Tallest Coconut Tree in Moi Backyard

Thatz a pic of the coconut tree in the backyard of my house. There are seven of them and this is the second tallest one. Am bad at heights and at measurements and especially bad at height measurements so won’t speculate about its height.

Itz older than me of course, having been planted as a sapling way back in 1973 (my granny tells me) and has served our family with the sweetest water and the succulent coconuts. Way to go big fella!


One thought on “Tall Tree (but not the tallest)

  1. My husband was sent to climb those things as a child so that his mother could have fresh coconut meat for her coconut cake. I’m content with waiting for one to fall. Love the symmetry of those fronds.

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